Our Events

CrossFit Colchester Events pulls together all the best ingredients of your favorite competitions and delivers an absolute belter of a competition experience! The banging tunes, the buzzing competition environment, super friendly and fair judges, and workouts that’ll test your mite but leave you more motivated than ever. We can’t wait to host you at one of our events this year. Below we’ve outlined everything you need to know before booking, we’ll see you soon.

Not only are the workouts fun, but they’re also legitimate tests of fitness. Our aim is to provide a platform for you to show off all your hard work in the box. That’s why we don’t start until 12pm! Those extra few hours in bed are sure to mean an extra few kilos on your PB.

OH! And don’t forget that every event has a big cash prize pot too!

Competition Categories

Our competitions are titled as either category 1, 2 or 3 which is a reference to the type of movements and the weights you can expect to see programmed in the events. We have listed these below and given weight limits for weightlifting movements.

Gymnastic movements will be programmed as either synchronised or individual, where ‘one athlete’ is seen as a note beside the movement we are advising that at least one athlete be competent at this movement therefore it will not appear in events as a syncronised movement.

This isn’t a definite list! We do like to keep things interesting and might throw in the odd curve ball here and there. But don’t worry, our number one priority is that you have fun! So we’ll never deviate too far from the list.